Filling Out Your 4 Page Application Correctly

Be truthful about your Hunting Goals. All our Hunts are Trophy Hunts, so your chances of getting a trophy animal are always present no matter what your initial goal is set at.

Apply to as many species and states as you are interested in, so that we have the best chance of possibly drawing one of these trophy tags.

If you hunt with different weapons, consider applying with your most primitive choice.

Circle the state and weapon choices, R for Rifle, M for Muzzle loader, and B for Bow.

Use the special request line for instructions, such as special unit numbers to apply, etc.

All Tag Fees fronted by USO are marked by an (*), and underlined. Please check closely when totaling.

Remember to make copies for the other hunters in your party. Make sure you fill out all 4-pages, sign, date all necessary places, and cross-reference each others’ name on the Applications.

You are required to have a Hunter Education Card. You Must attach a copy to your 4-page application.

Because we front most tag fees when we apply you, we require you to include a Visa/Master card to guarantee all non-refundable, application and tag fees when you are drawn. Also, on the higher priced Sheep, Moose, Goat, Oryx and Ibex tags (that we Do Not Front) we require a Credit Card to use when we apply those specie. That way the tag fee refund will come back to your credit card.

Add up each column for Consult Fee, Bonus/Pref. Pt., Non-Refund. Lic./App. Fees and any Tag Fees – include this Total Amount with your 4-page Application.

All other Tag Fees, not fronted by USO, must be remitted with your 4-page Application and Hunter Ed Card at time of Sign-Up.

Every November, we send out your new Portfolio showing all your applications. This is the time to make changes or additions and return with payment of application fees to USO.

Remember, once the Consulting Fee is paid, your Applications are taken care of – Each Year, according to your portfolio instructions.

Double check the following if you are applying in these states:

Arizona – Annually $160.00 mandatory non-resident state license fee. (non-refundable)

Utah – Annual $72.00 mandatory non-resident state license fee. (non-refundable)

New Mexico – Annual $82.00 mandatory non-resident state license fee. (non-refundable)

New Mexico – Desert Big Horn and Rocky Mountain Big Horn are on one application for a $20.00 fee with the other Sheep as second choice for no additional charge.