Professional Licensing Program

More and more states are setting aside trophy areas and implementing a “limited lottery draw” as a type of management program to yield more trophy animals. This idea of limited permits is the same management concept used on United States Outfitters’ private land leases. We recognized this and are offering the best of these limited draw type hunts to our clients. The unique aspect of our program is that we not only submit the applications for you but also, in most cases, front the tag fees for you. This will allow you to apply for more applications than you would otherwise.

Since 1991, United States Outfitters/Professional Licensing Service has identified the best hunting opportunities in many of the Rocky Mountain States. We consult with you yearly about your hunting goals, and then make the selected applications. This eliminates the chances of incorrectly completed applications and missed deadlines. With constantly changing regulations and hunt dates from state to state, this program provides a valuable service.

Quality tags do not go unnoticed by others. The competition for these tags is intense. This necessitates making applications to numerous states to increase your chance of drawing a quality tag. Most of our applications are in areas having limited tags, and while other hunters may be present in the area, the lack of numbers is what gives these hunts the true “quality hunting experience.”

Enrolling in the service is easy. United States Outfitters’ Professional Licensing Application includes all the information required by the various state game and fish departments. A Registered Agent and Limited Power of Attorney will also be executed by you in favor of United States Outfitters so we can sign your hunt application for you. The biography portion gives us an insight of the quality you are looking for as well as any physical limitations you might have

In order to participate in the service and get your portfolio of applications started, you need to send us the one-time consulting fee of $120 per application, any Fee for Bonus/Preference Point, any Non-Refundable License Fee, and the Non-Refundable Application Fee. United States Outfitters will provide information and recommendations, based on the extensive research and expertise we have acquired through the years as one of the leaders in the outfitting industry.

You may put applications on hold from year to year or ask that only preference/bonus points be obtained for that year in order to maintain preference, but not draw. If your circumstances change and you need to withdraw from the service, a simple written request will refund any monies you have in the program as long as it is not being held at the time by the state being applied to.

When you are successful in drawing your permit you will be immediately notified. You simply reimburse us for the license fee with your credit card on file. United States Outfitters will outfit your hunt, have your tag in camp and provide you with any further information to make your hunt a quality experience. United States Outfitters/Professional Licensing Service does not provide unguided hunts.

Tips For Getting Drawn

Nothing will replace persistence or just plain luck when it comes to drawing these types of tags, but the following tips will help.

  1. Always Use Preference/Bonus point Programs. These are programs that are put in place by some states to increase the odds of applicants that have not previously drawn. The two main types of programs are preference points and bonus point programs.A preference point is given to an applicant each time he applies and is not drawn. The tags are given to the applicants who have the most points. Colorado and Wyoming both use preference pointsA bonus point is given to an applicant each time he applies and is not drawn. For each bonus point an applicant has, he receives an additional application. In other words, if an applicant has 2 bonus points, he would receive 3 chances of drawing the tag he applies for. Some states like AZ, NV, and UT require an applicant to buy a General Hunting License in order to get the Bonus Point. The big advantage of a bonus point system is that you can draw at any time; you are not required to have the most points.Even on years that you do not want to hunt, we strongly recommend that you apply “point only” where it is available. All states are different but you will lose your points if you do not apply within their given time frame (1 to 4 years).
  2. Submit All Possible Applications
    Submit numerous applications to have a decent chance of drawing one tag. Don’t think that you should apply for elk, draw it and be successful, then move on to mule deer, then sheep, etc. Apply for as many tags as you can so that your odds of drawing a tag are greater. Remember we front most tag fees.
  3. Apply For Most Primitive Weapon
    If you hunt with different weapons, consider applying with your most primitive choice. Draw rates and success rates are usually tied to weapon choices. Rifle tags are the hardest to draw, muzzleloader next, then archery is usually the easiest to draw. Rifle hunts have the highest success rates with archery the lowest success. Muzzleloaders, especially with the new in-line muzzleloaders and use of scopes by most states, have a success rate that equals rifles on most hunts today. Professional Licensing Service will help you with the applications by weapon choice, to insure you get the best odds.
    Please submit our Licensing Application to get started on your way to the exciting world of trophy hunting.

Four Reasons Why We Beat The Competition


USO is not a booking Agent. Other recent services like Cabela’s Tags or Huntin’ Fool are “Booking Agents” who provide licensing services then refer you to only outfitters who pay them a commission in order to do so.

USO is your Outfitter from start to finish . . .

Ask the “booking agents”:

  • “Do you suggest the best outfitters or just the ones who pay a commission?”
  • “If I have problems with the hunt, do your ‘booking agents’ stand responsible?”


USO has the experience in the units you should want tags in. USO has guided in these areas yearly since 1991, we know what they can provide, and we know when to move from areas to others because of quota changes, date changes, weapon changes, etc.

Ask the “booking agents”:

  • “Have you physically been in this unit during hunting season?”
  • “Have you personally seen the type of bulls killed in this unit?”
  • “Do you use your personal knowledge or just use Game and Fish’s Websites?


USO is far less expensive than the “Booking Agents”. Knowing these quality tags are very hard to draw and likely to take many years to draw, you would have to be a complete “hunting fool” to pay the “booking agents” prices. In fact, you would have paid much more than the cost of the hunt after you finally draw the tag and now you will have to pay again. Compare using the ’05 costs of each service and applying the 4 top elk, 3 top mule deer, 4 top desert sheep, and 3 top Rocky Mountain Sheep applications.

Ask the “booking agents”:

  • “Are these costs, in fact, true?”
  • “What service are you providing in addition, that can justify these costs?”


Once in our service, we work for you. We don’t produce a fancy and costly magazine of information simply obtained from some Game and Fish website. This serves only to educate everyone the magazine is shared with to apply to this or that unit, making it harder to draw for the real hunter. The “screamers” that we send are to our applicants only, to inform them of opportunities that they themselves will only benefit.


The Average “High Quality Hunt Application” Takes 5 or MORE Years to Draw! SO . . . . Why Pay Every Year?

Total Service Cost Year 1 Year 5 Year 10 Year 15 Year 20
USO's $1,680 $0 $0 $0 $0
Cabelas $1,155 $5,775 $11,550 $17,325 $23,100
Huntin' Fool $480 $2,400 $4,800 $7,200 $9,600

Professional Licensing Service was the original licensing service started in ’91 by USO. George and his staff realized the opportunity they could provide for their clients by simply helping them draw the best tags available for the species sought. Our continued success has brought a lot of wannabes into existence. But, why is USO’s Professional Licensing Service the best choice when looking for a high quality guided hunt?