Private Land Hunt Info & Pricing

Private land hunts can be scheduled for elk and mule deer.

Private land hunts differ from draw hunts as the private land hunts are more expensive and have guaranteed tags, thus no drawing is required. When you book a Private Land Hunt, you are scheduled for a certain ranch at a certain time. These hunts are usually booked a year or more in advance with an average of 6 to 8 hunters per camp. Many of our clients book themselves on a certain ranch every year. Accommodations on these hunts are usually a lodge or cabin. The advantage to this type of hunt is that you can plan your hunt for a certain time period more than a year in advance.

Trophy Class Private Ranch Archery Elk Hunts

Want to make the Elk record books? Here is your best chance! There is nothing like hunting bulging bulls with a bow, up close and personal. Ask someone who has been there. As with any successful hunt, there are ingredients for that success. First, the private New Mexico Ranches; and second, the quality and knowledge of the guides you hunt with. It may sound like we’re bragging – and we are – because we have the type of country and guides that deserve to be bragged about. Nothing else can explain United States Outfitters’ ability to harvest more archery record-class bull elk each year than any other outfitter. Our overall success rate is around 30 to 35 percent on record-class bulls.

Trophy Class Private Ranch Archery Elk Hunts
$7,950 + tag fee
5 Full Hunting Days during the Bugling Season in September

Trophy Class Private Ranch Rifle Elk Hunts

Our trophy elk hunts take place on private land – New Mexico ranches that are leased to and managed by United States Outfitters to provide tremendous quality and success. Success rates usually run 75 to 80 percent on trophy 5 and 6 point bulls. These hunts begin with bugling October hunts and run into late season November.

Trophy Class Private Ranch Rifle Elk Hunts
8,250 + tag fee
5 Full Hunting Days In October of Trophy Class Hunting

Mexico Mule Deer

World Class Mule Deer Hunt
$8,000 + $650 Gun Permit. NO Harvest Fee!
Trophy class hunts in mid January with 5 full hunting days on mild terrain and moderate weather.

Please call us for Availability of Old Mexico Desert Sheep Hunt – Price on Request: 800-845-9929

All hunts include:

2:1 guide, meals, accommodations, meat care, trophy care, and transportation during the hunt.

1:1 Guide Service

*** One-on-One Guides and Non-Hunters are plus $1,000 per 5 day hunt.

*** Non-Hunters: If your Non-Hunter will join you in the field, you must add $1,000.00 per 5 day hunt.

*** Current New Mexico Sales Tax will be added to all Private and Draw Hunt Pricing